The Essence of Booja-Booja

We are often asked why we are so passionate about making delicious vegan and organic treats – and why Booja fans are just so enthusiastic about our truffles and ice cream. The simple dairy-free truth is that we have spent the past two decades and a bit focused on one idea…

The idea is a simple one: amazingly delicious sweet treats can be made from a small number of simple organic ingredients without using animal products. When we began in 1999 this idea was radical, fantastical. Nothing like that existed. Apart from in the hopes and dreams of a few vegans across the land. So Booja-Booja quickly developed an enthusiastic following, and many awards for taste and quality came along.

Since then a further 25 years of ongoing innovation has created whole new ways to spin vegan deliciousness to higher levels of sensory adventure. All with the perfectly minimal number of simple organic ingredients.

Creating a wonderful array of melt in your mouth chocolate truffles - from little packs to glorious giftboxes - to help brighten the faces of friends and loved ones … and for the occasional quiet little moment on your own.

And seven amazing flavours of scrummy ice cream with an array of chwoozles and crunches and swirls and whirls that leave dairy ice cream in the shade (apparently). 

We are also passionate about how we go about things. How we function as a company. Respect and kindness are close to our hearts and guide our relationships inside and outside. And we do our best to be open and honest. With a passion. We also like to do things really well. Across the board.

Booja-Booja continues to be an independently owned company free to chart its future, doing good as best we can. Growing slowly and steadily (which is how we like it... more tortoise than hare!). And we continue to manufacture everything at our premises in Norfolk.

We also love playful tickles of joy along the way... because life is more fun like that. And this gentle playfulness inevitably bubbles its way into our products. Whilst utopia may be as ephemeral as a fleeting kiss, what brings more joy than its pursuit?

Or, in the words of Mister Booja-Booja: "Relax... nothing is under control".

Thank you for coming with us on the journey. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Every day we try to make sure our truffles and ice cream will delight you.

So taste, and be delighted.

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