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"Each one of the new flavours is a classic adventure: our unique take on a really popular chocolate variety"
Booja-Booja launches new ‘classic adventures’
Grocery Trader - May 28, 2021
"...five different Booja-Booja truffle flavours. All of them have won awards for taste and quality."
Pimp up your Easter chocs with a decadent drinks combo!
The Write Taste - March 25, 2021
"exquisite handmade Easter Eggs... filled with heavenly Almond & Sea Salt Caramel chocolate truffles"
The Wordrobe’s 2021 Easter Gift Guide
The Wordrobe - March 23, 2021
"These luxury truffles are the epitome of indulgence"
Vegan Food & Living Reader Awards 2021: The Winners
Vegan Food & Living - March 17, 2021
"Booja-Booja proves that dietary requirements and decadence can go hand in hand"
The most decadent Easter eggs to indulge in this year
Tatler - March 15, 2021
"Everyone's favourite vegan truffle brand"
The Best Dairy Free, Vegan and Plastic Free Easter Eggs
Pebble Magazine - March 09, 2021
"a truly grown up Easter treat"
The best Easter eggs of 2021
Homes & Antiques - February 16, 2021
"A new Easter edition of its best-selling chocolate truffles"
Natural Products Online - February 23, 2021
"completely unique... these luxury truffles taste exquisite"
11 best luxury Easter eggs for 2021
Red - February 24, 2021
"These award-winning vegan truffles are the perfect present for any chocolate lover."
Viva!’s Ultimate Guide to A Vegan Mother’s Day
Viva! - February 26, 2021
"Unlike some companies, Booja-Booja has been vegan since its infancy so their dairy free products were not something that were simply added on"
Vegans had a sweet tooth during lockdown according to ice cream and chocolate sales!
Female First - February 09, 2021
"For more than twenty years we have done things our own, unique, Booja-Booja way"
Booja-Booja launches Easter edition vegan truffle collection
Vegan Food & Living - February 09, 2021
"effortlessly melts in your mouth thanks to the composition of the chocolate itself"
5 Vegan Chocolate Gift Options For Valentine’s Day 2021
Caavakushi - February 08, 2021
"They’re intense in taste, without being too sweet"
12 best vegan and dairy-free Valentine’s Day chocolates you’ll want to keep for yourself
The Independent - January 12, 2021
"These deliciously moist balls of chocolate melt in the mouth, delivering an intense chocolatey kick as they dissolve."
The best dairy-free chocolate to treat yourself this Veganuary
Mail Online - December 31, 2020
"Booja-Booja is so good, it makes it to the list twice."
9 Chocolatey Vegan Gifts Perfect for Mum
Live Kindly - December 18, 2020
"Booja-Booja's award-winning artisan chocolate truffles are melt-in-the-mouth good"
Brilliantly British: From British farms and kitchens to your plate, festive food to savour
Daily Express - December 08, 2020
"Vegan chocolates to cry for... They are EFFING INCREDIBLE!"
FRAHM BLOGS & PODCASTS - November 23, 2020
"All of Booja-Booja’s flavour combinations are perfectly balanced and cut through the bitter dark chocolate truffle beautifully."
The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Chocolate
Vegan Life - November 23, 2020
"Booja-Booja started small and has now won more than 100 awards for its chocolates"
Ready, steady, start your vegan chocolate brand
Vegan Food & Living - October 26, 2020
"In my fridge you’ll always find white wine, dark Booja-Booja chocolates and Barilla Pesto."
The Aesthete Style: Flora Soames
Financial Times - October 09, 2020
"Respect for the planet and the people and animals on it underpins everything the Norfolk-based company does."
Planet Positive Brands
Sublime Magazine - September 23, 2020
"Booja Booja is no stranger to stars, having clocked up nearly 50 since launching in 1999."
101 Great Taste Award-winning products from Suffolk and Norfolk you have to try
Eastern Daily Press - September 22, 2020
"Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and handmade in Norfolk, the mouth-watering flavours include cherry cognac, honeycomb caramel and toffee strudel. Yum!"
15 best chocolate gifts you can buy online now for the ultimate Christmas treat
HELLO! - September 15, 2020
"Chocolate heaven for under a fiver"
Booja-Booja Best Value Ever Truffles
Food Navigator - July 27, 2020
"Fans of vegan ice-cream are no strangers to the delights of Booja-Booja’s tantalising vegan ice-creams..."
Booja-Booja launches new vegan honeycomb and mint chocolate ice creams
Vegan Food & Living - April 02, 2020
"Booja Booja, which started out in 1999, and has made up to 57,600 hand-made truffles in a day, produces all its ice cream and chocolates at its Brooke factory."
Dream job in chocolate factory sees 130 people apply for five roles
Eastern Daily Press - September 02, 2020
"Our mouths are already watering."
Best Vegan Easter Eggs 2020
Elle - March 17, 2020
"Along with their game-changing vegan ice cream, they've become best known for their gluten- and soya-free truffles – an almond and sea salt variety of which are the treat beneath this exquisite shell, hand-painted by Kashmiri artists."
Best vegan Easter eggs to get your dairy-free chocolate fix
GQ - March 31, 2020
"Best Buy. Some of our favourite chocolates – ever."
13 best vegan and dairy-free Valentine’s Day chocolates you’ll want to keep for yourself
The Independent - January 12, 2021
"Booja-Booja's hazelnut crunch chocolate truffles (in an egg-shaped box) fought off stiff competition from 141 rivals in the test by the Good Housekeeping Institute."
Vegan Chocolates Crowned Best In UK By Major Blind Taste Test
Plant Based News - February 20, 2018
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