Vegan chocolates and ice cream: organic and dairy-free

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Managing Your Christmas Wellbeing

The first stage in supporting our wellbeing around the festive period is about noticing our expectations. This might take some practise, so remember to be kind to yourself, but through lowering our expectations, and dropping perfectionism or comparisons, we can start to experience Christmas in a more true and mindful way.

Introducing Our New Chocolate Truffles, part two

Our new Chocolate Orange Truffle takes the childhood flavour we all know and love and transforms it into a scrumptiously sophisticated delight. Inside the crisp, dark chocolate shell is a velvety smooth, alluringly luscious, truffley centre seeped in sensuous citrus.

Introducing our New Chocolate Truffles, part one

This summer is very special as we’re thrilled to be launching not just one or two new flavours but a brand new vegan chocolate truffle range. We’ve been developing and crafting, tweaking and honing for months and months...

Behind The Logo : The Vegan Trademark

Everything we make at Booja-Booja is vegan. All our vegan chocolates and vegan ice creams carry the official Vegan T...

From Norfolk to Knightsbridge

Our stylish Award-Winning Selection, our hand painted Artist’s Collection boxes, our luxurious Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles and our superb Gourmet Selection are all now available to buy from Harrods Chocolate Hall, Knightsbridge, London.

The Art of Making Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Our vegan chocolates are still handmade, still made in Norfolk and still utterly exquisite. Here’s a glimpse into the amazing work of our talented team of chocolate truffle makers...
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