Our New Dairy Free Ice Cream Range

We’ve spent many months developing our new range of dairy free ice cream; a range that we believe is the most delicious we’ve ever made. So, what’s new and how did we get here?


When we first launched our dairy free ice cream 16 years ago, it was pioneering, revolutionary and took dairy free ice cream to a whole other level. There was nothing like it on the market in the UK, and probably the world, and it was long before multinational food corporations were interested in producing anything of the sort. We were delighted to show that dairy free ice cream really could be delicious.

A lot has changed in the last 16 years, and we’ve changed with it. A big milestone was ten years ago when we updated our range and launched a selection of new flavours. That was when we first added chwoozles and shmoozles; swirls and whirls of nutty, fruity and gooey yumminess, so that dairy free ice cream lovers could enjoy a truly premium eating experience with amazing flavour adventures.

Now the time’s come for another big change. We’ve been researching and experimenting, tasting and trialling, failing and trying once more and finally, we’re thrilled with the results. A new range of dairy free ice cream that’s even creamier, fuller in flavor and even more delicious. To achieve this, we’ve made a lot of tweaks to our recipes and processes, and one key ingredient change.


Over the last few years we’ve developed our product development team and invested in new equipment, so we’ve been able to create even more exciting new varieties. For the first time some of our flavours feature chunks of yumminess, such as chocolate fudge brownie and choc chip cookie dough pieces, making them even more sensational and irresistible.

We still use organic cashew nuts as the creamy base for all our flavours, but we’ve said farewell to agave syrup and now use cane sugar instead. Unlike agave, cane sugar sweetens without adding its own flavour. This means that the flavour of the other ingredients – the pecans, the vanilla, the chocolate, the mango etc – can shine through; they can be tasted more clearly and cleanly. Sugar also affects the texture of our ice cream, making it much creamier than before. We do recognise that this change won’t suit everyone. If one of the reasons you've bought and enjoyed our ice cream for years is the absence of cane sugar in the recipes, this change may be very frustrating and disappointing for you and for that we're very sorry. It's not a decision we've taken lightly and we never meant to cause any upset or distress. However, it has always been, and it remains, our priority and our passion to make the most delicious vegan treats we possibly can. And our quest to create the most delicious vegan, dairy free ice cream has led us to this ingredient choice. We hope you understand, and we hope most of our customers will enjoy and come to love our new range as much as we do.


Our new ice cream range is in a striking new tub. Bright, bold colours, smooth lines and ornate gold detailing reflect the character and vibrancy of our delicious new varieties. The tubs echo the look and feel of our chocolate truffle boxes too, bringing a sense of togetherness to our delicious family of treats.


Everything we make continues to be organic, dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan.  We are dedicated to being the premium “go to” for vegan, free from treats and we’re proud to be accredited by The Soil Association and The Vegan Society. Our ice creams are all Kosher too, accredited by KBLD.


Our new ice cream range is sold in tubs of 465ml, rather than 500ml (like our previous range.) With rising costs throughout our supply chain, we were faced with the unhappy prospect of putting up prices, which is something we’ve not done for a very long time, 9 years in fact, and it's something we really didn't want to do. We've always wanted as many people as possible to be able to afford our ice creams and to do that we knew we needed to maintain the same price per tub. So, instead of putting up the price of a tub we’ve made this slight reduction in volume per tub instead. We hope it won’t detract from your enjoyment and will, instead, mean you can keep enjoying our ice creams as much as ever.

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