A brighter world with Booja-Booja

If you're a regular reader of Vegan Food & Living, the UK's biggest most popular lifestyle magazine, then you'll have noticed we've taken over the back cover!

Starting in December, when we published our cocoa powder Christmas tree advertisement, we'll be on the back page of VFL for the rest of the year.

The latest ad is out now, on the back cover of the January 2021 edition, and it's another cocoa powder image: this time it's a chocolatey take on our planet and the galaxy. Hope you like it, and of course that you agree that the world is a wee bit brighter with some Booja-Booja to hand!

As with the Christmas tree, the image was created in-house by our team, using our ingredients. It's all cocoa powder, a handful of our vegan chocolate truffles, and a few hazelnuts... with a Booja-Booja vegan ice-cream moon of course.

Booja-Booja advertisement from January 2021 edition of Vegan Food & Living magazine, featuring a cocoa powder Earth.

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