Give your event a tuk tuk treat

The Booja-Booja Events tuk tuk, or Pinkie as she’s affectionately known, is pink (of course), cute and surprisingly capacious – you’d be amazed how much delicious ice cream she can carry, not to mention yummy chocolate truffles, when she’s fully loaded and ready to rock!

As well as bringing a special sparkle to weddings and corporate events she tootles around Bristol bringing Booja joy to markets, festivals, personal deliveries and a “treat your street” service which has brought smiles a-plenty to homes across the city.

Whether you’re planning on hosting an intimate party, or maybe a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday, wedding or corporate party - Pinkie has got you covered!

The Booja-Booja tuk-tuk at an event with children and operator River Mace

Pinkie is run by Booja-Booja Events, which is our daughter company run as an independent business by our founder’s daughter, River. 

All bookings, questions and enquiries should to be sent direct to River in Bristol at

To find out more about Booja-Booja Events visit

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